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A Case Study about the Movie “Apollo 13” 1995

‘Failure is not an option’ is the famous dialogue delivered by a leader in the movie Apollo 13. The movie is considered as best example of showing effective leadership style and skills.‘Failure is not an option’ has proved to be used in different group mission (Alexander et al 2005). Apollo 13 was an American movie released in 1995 and directed by Ron Howard. The cast of the movie includes Tom Hanks, Kevin Bacon, Bill Paxton, Gary Sinise and Kathleen Quinlan. The movie shows the Apollo 13 in 1970 on the lunar mission, which is the adaptation of book Lost Moon. There are two leaders in the movie: first is Gene Kranz (Ed Harris), who is in charge of flight operations, the second is Jim Lovell (Tom Hanks), who is the commander of the lunar mission in the movie. 


Gene Kranz and Jim Lovell used different leadership styles and skills in the movie especially when explosion occurs in the Apollo 13. They used teamwork, and rational process to lead and solve the difficult problems (McMahan and Duck, 2011). The leaders in the movie also maintained their control especially in chaotic situations that makes the group members to lead them. Moreover, there is emphasis on the feelings of faithfulness and passion to achieve, which helps the leaders to gain group members’ confidence. Get case study writing service  

There are certain skills showed in the movie for leaders to be good and effective leaders such as technical capabilities, teambuilding, effective communication, conflict management and decision and problem solving techniques. The leadership style and skills of leaders in the movie is shown in different scenes and situations such as when Krantz had a group meeting and he had to persuade his members based on their goals and motivate them for achievement (McMahan and Duck, 2011).


During the Mission Control, although it was chaos situation, but Krantz asks his team members to work the problem, which indicates effective communication through listening and and reporting the areas if mission. In the movie, it is shown how leaders use effective communication for motivating the team such as in a scene Krantz says‘Failure is an option’. This delivers the message of the leader effectively, which means team should just be focused on the success of the mission. Moreover, in another scene, Lovell says‘I intend to go home’, this aims to motivate the mates for making the mission successful ((Alexander et al 2005). 

            However, the movie Apollo 13 was based on landing on the moon with the people suffering from explosion on the craft, but it proved to be a successful failure as they could not land on the moon and limp home to save three lives. The story of the movie cannot be states as complete failure because it was an effective demonstration of leadership style in critical situations while working with team. The movie is inspirational for those who think that leaders only talk about negative aspects of any mission or project. The movie shows that a leader has strong parameters to focus on the accomplishment of mission. Moreover, leader also respects others’ judgments while also defining the specialty areas.